Natural Resources

Natural Resources

The activity of the oil and gas sector has gathered momentum over the past years following the discovery of gas concentrations in the Mediterranean Sea. The nature of the operations of the oil and gas sector entails unique accounting and taxation requirements under the various tax standards and laws. 

BDO Israel specializes in the oil and gas sector. The Firm has long-standing experience that includes familiarity with the accounting and taxation requirements that are applicable to the sector. We guide many public and private companies and partnerships that are engaged in oil and gas exploration in Israel and worldwide.


The principal services that the Firm offers to the oil and gas sector include:
  • Customized audit and accounting services
  • Domestic and international taxation services
  • Guiding companies in the execution of placements in Israel and overseas
  • Consulting services and guidance in obtaining financing sources for companies and projects in the fields of energy and infrastructure
  • Guidance and financial consulting with respect to the preparation of tenders involving cooperation between the public and the private sectors
  • Creating financial models to support investment decision making
  • Auditing model - financial controller services for the model
  • Review of financing alternatives, guidance and coordination of debt issuance to banks and institutional investors
  • Handling negotiations with government institutions and other parties to tenders/ projects
  • Testing of feasibility, profitability and methods of project financing
  • Analysis and management of financial risks
  • Formulation of business plans for obtaining finance and for other purposes
  • Economic feasibility testing of projects and business ventures
  • Valuation of companies and operations
  • Preparation of market surveys and research services
  • Strategy of capital raising and tracking of investors
  • Tracking of strategic partners in Israel or worldwide
  • Guiding companies in the execution of mergers and acquisitions


Oil & Gas Team

The team that handles the oil and gas sector in the Firm possesses extensive experience in the provision of related accounting, tax and consulting services. The members of BDO International and the relationship with the network makes it possible for the professional team to obtain solutions for issues that are unique to the sector. The team comprises accountants, economists and tax professionals who specialize in the characteristic aspects that are specific to the sector, including the unique ships.