Medical Cannabis

BDO Israel has developed very strong connections to the medical cannabis industry. BDO offers services in the field of medical cannabis throughout the value chain including: growth, production, distribution, marketing, and development research and technology.

  • Consulting:
    1. Business Consulting
      • Business Support including continuously updated business plans
      • Profitability examination for various deal-making
      • Full support in establishments of new activities including risk assessment and reduction, and networking solutions for enhanced business development
    2. Strategic planning for examining markets and opportunities – active participation in decision-making processes
    3. Investment banking - Business connections to pertinent local and international organizations through all stages of breeding, growth, R&D and production
    4. Assistance in identifying, applying and complying with grants from the Chief Scientist office, government ministries and other regulatory organizations
    5. IPO Advisory – Both local and global expertise, with an emphasis on Canada and Australia
  • Accounting Services
  • Taxation Services Transfer Pricing


We believe that the client does not need a "one-time" business plan, but long-term support and a business plan that updates accordingly with the changes in the market, supplier contracts, investors and other professionals