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17 January 2018

Like all real estate companies, REITs find themselves at a turning point at the beginning of 2018. Our survey of 35 companies from across the world with a combined market capitalisation of $130bn found that the majority felt the real estate cycle in their market was at or past its peak. However...

23 November 2017

Horizons is BDO’s global mid-market M&A review. Published every quarter, its articles are authored by more than 20 BDO M&A specialists, providing invaluable insights into where investment is flowing and showcasing global deal activity. With topics ranging across regions and industry sectors...

23 November 2017

BDO Consulting Israel conducted a comparative analysis of the housing markets among eight observed countries. The purpose of this analysis is to gain insight into the relationship between the increase in households to dwellings completed and how the market trend in each country impacts housing...

07 November 2017

We are proud to present you with a user-friendly guide of the main provisions of the competition law in Israel that could have an impact on M&A transactions in Israel. The purpose of the guide is to inform both you and your clients regarding the process of M&A transaction approval in Israel, it...

29 October 2017

Indirect taxation is in the headlines in Israel and around the world. Developments in global trade range from closing borders and imposing restrictions on importation, to cancelation of the free movement of goods, to establishment of new free trade agreements, to reducing or abolishing import...

25 October 2017

Innovation in relation to VAT liability in Israel on foreign suppliers of electronic services via Internet, mobile telecommunications and broadcastAccording to a bill initiated by the Israeli tax authorities, foreign companies who don’t have any presence or people in Israel, will be obliged to...

08 October 2017

By Danny Solomon, Head of International Consulting BDO Cybersecurity Centre, IsraelIn the current dynamic security threats landscape, organizations need to prove to stakeholders that they pay more than lip-service to cyber security. To do this they need to demonstrate two things: Firstly to...

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