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26 November 2018

Innovation Theories of Harm (IToH) played a major role in recent DG COMP decisions regarding Dow/DuPont and Bayer/Monsato cases. In a nutshell, IToH holds that horizontal mergers may prove anti-competitive in a dynamic perspective when there are indications that the merger will reduce the...

08 August 2018

BDO’s Cyber Threats Insights reports cover cybersecurity incidents that occurred around the world the past quarter. It provides not only the significant global cybersecurity events, attacks and campaigns, but also a perspective on notable new attack tools, techniques and malware. The special...

23 July 2018

In this publication we detail the legal and tax rules that foreigners buying real estate in the Asia Pacific region as well as popular countries of Canada, USA and UK need to know.

26 June 2018

In this new BDO report we look at how different countries are employing new and innovative ways to support an ever increasing demand for value based elderly care. BDO understands the challenge of combining social duty with trying to achieve efficient operations. BDO’s sound advice and practical...

03 May 2018

The BDO Heat Chart for Israel shows there are 67 deals planned or in progress for M&A with 39% related to Technology & Media (26) and 16% involving Pharma Medical & Biotech (11). Other key sectors are Industrials & Chemicals 15% (10), Consumer with 9% (six) and Energy,Mining & Utilities with 7...

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