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09 March 2021

Recently, the Israeli tax authority announced its intention to tighten its standpoint with tax audits in relation to transfer pricing ("TP") policies with regard to research and development ("R&D") centers in Israel.

08 March 2021

BDO has developed the RETHINK framework to assist companies, including in the Fintech space, respond to the global pandemic. The framework helps businesses react to the immediate fallout of COVID, increase resilience and best position themselves to realise their full potential. Outside funding...

16 December 2020

Welcome to the International Tech Hubs ebook. This work represents the latest in BDO’s insights into the future tech hubs of the world. Gathering together the collective expertise of BDO’s partners around the world, we review each locations benefits and advantages for startups, scale-ups...

16 December 2020

The International Tech Hubs eBook second edition builds on the success of the first edition and represents BDO’s latest insights into future global tech hubs.

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