Head of Maritime cyber resilience services

Tel Aviv - Head Office



Executive Summary

Eyal (Israel Navy, retired with the rank of Commander) served in the Israeli Navy for 23 years. During these years, He served in operational duties, as a project manager, and Naval Intelligence. 
He served for five years as a division head in the Prime Minister’s Office (a civilian rank equivalent to Rear Admiral).
Eyal holds of the Israel Security Award, Prime Minister’s Decoration of Excellence, DDR&D Decoration of Excellence and the IDF Chief of Staff Decoration of Excellence.

He has been a senior consultant for cyber and competitive intelligence since 2017.



Eyal holds a Bachelor’s degree (with Honors) in Electronic Engineering and two Master’s degrees (with Honors).

He has been a doctoral candidate and a Research Fellow at the Haifa Maritime 

Policy and Strategy Research Center since 2015.