European VAT Services

The services include consulting, guidance and planning for activities involving European VAT, as follows:

  • Israeli companies providing services over the Internet/ cellular appliances/ electronic media to customers in Europe - European VAT implications and possibilities for reducing the exposure.
  • European companies in the financial, gaming, medical and holding sectors - planning for the reduction of non-deductible VAT costs.
  • Transactions in assets/ shares related to Europe - minimizing VAT costs on transaction expenses, creating an optimal cash flow outline and optimal planning of the “day after” activities.
  • Global supply chain tax aspects - possibilities for improving the cash flow, the applicability of zero VAT to Pan-European, and proper documentation, reporting, management and risk management.
  • Consulting on activities/ European branches/ real estate in Europe.
  • Companies that are subject to European VAT costs - possibilities of avoiding the VAT charge/ improving the efficiency of refunds.
  • European VAT costs are likely to apply to the fields of European real estate and real estate related services, warehouses, server farms, exhibitions, travels, goods in Europe etc.
  • Interface with indirect taxation in Israel.