Indirect Tax

Indirect Tax

The Indirect Tax Department specializes in the ongoing guidance of the business and in the guidance and consulting on special transactions, with emphasis on VAT implications. The activities of the department also include representation in VAT assessment hearings, attainment of pre-rulings, formulation of VAT opinions and more.

The Indirect Tax Team is lead by Eyal Fishbain CPA, LLP, who handles and consults on professional issues pertaining to the various aspects of the VAT Law.
BDO Ziv Haft is pleased to announce the expansion of the indirect tax services of the firm in the following areas:

• European VAT   • Customs

The services include consulting, guidance and planning for activities involving European VAT, as follows:

a. Israeli companies providing services over the Internet/ cellular appliances/ electronic media to customers in Europe - European VAT implications and possibilities for reducing the exposure.

b. European companies in the financial, gaming, medical and holding sectors - planning for the reduction of non-deductible VAT costs.

c. Transactions in assets/ shares related to Europe - minimizing VAT costs on transaction expenses, creating an optimal cash flow outline and optimal planning of the “day after” activities.

d. Global supply chain tax aspects - possibilities for improving the cash flow, the applicability of zero VAT to Pan-European, and proper documentation, reporting, management and risk management.

e. Consulting on activities/ European branches/ real estate in Europe.

f. Companies that are subject to European VAT costs - possibilities of avoiding the VAT charge/ improving the efficiency of refunds.
European VAT costs are likely to apply to the fields of European real estate and real estate related services, warehouses, server farms, exhibitions, travels, goods in Europe etc.

g. Interface with indirect taxation in Israel.

The services in the field of customs include:

Global supply chain analysis and planning for the reduction of costs/ minimizing of exposures/ appropriate reporting to the customs authorities on aspects such as:

a. “Customs value” - implications of royalties, commissions, distribution fees, warranty, rebates, financing arrangements etc.

b. Free trade agreements - maximizing the possibilities of enjoying the benefits, compliance with “rules of origin”.

c. Various causes for customs refunds.
The services include representation with the tax authorities, application for rulings and drawing up of tax memorandums.