July 2nd: New Regulations: USA-Israel Defense Aid

July 2nd: New Regulations: USA-Israel Defense Aid

02 July 2018 - CUT

48 Menachem Begin RoadTel Aviv, Israel


As part of BDO Israel "USA week", we are pleased to announce that in cooperation with the law firm Fox Rothschild and Atid EDI we will host an event on Monday, July 2nd. This event will focus on the regulations associated with the new USA-Israel Defense Aid package.


Join us to get educated about the changing regulations surrounding defense aid funding allocations from the United States Government. Professional experts from both Israel and the United States will share their expertise on how businesses should address these new regulations and what it means for Israeli commerce. The event will be held from 9:30am to 12:30pm at the BDO House, Ground Floor at 48 Menachem Begin Road in Tel Aviv. A light breakfast will be provided.



9:30 Arrival and light breakfast

10:00 General overview of the Israeli Defense Industry and its US aid utilization.  Specifically what is next, given the latest changes of regulations
Chen Herzog, Chief Economist, BDO Israel

10:30 Legal aspects of the new situation and Key Elements companies should take into consideration when examining expansion to the US
Sarah B. Biser, Partner, Fox Rothschild LLP

11:00 Financial and Tax aspects, companies should take into consideration when planning expansion to the USA
Israel Josovic, International Tax Partner, BDO Israel

11:30 Case Study: Establishing Business Operations in the US
Sherwin Pomerantz, Founder and CEO, Atid-EDI

12:00 Additional Business Opportunities under the new regulations
Eric Sobota, Partner, Government Affairs, BDO USA

12:30 Questions, Answers, and Closing Remarks


Presentations from the event:

Israeli Economy and the Defense Burden>> 
Chen Herzog, BDO Israel

Establishing Facilities for Engaging in Foreign Military Sales in the United States- 
Sarah B. Biser, Mark H. Hess, Esq.

US and International Tax Implications – Israeli Entities Undertaking Defense Aid Contracts-
Israel Josovic, BDO Israel

Andrew Stiles, BDO USA