Doctors Sector

Doctors Sector

Comprehensive Financial Solutions for Doctors

BDO Israel Consulting & Management Ltd. is a firm with longstanding experience in offering business consulting, tax accounting and audit services, customized to meet doctors' needs and adapted to the sector in which they operate.

Our team of business consultants handles diverse financial issues encountered by doctors –both interns as well as senior physicians -  in all phases of their medical career,  offering them a personalized service and ongoing one-stop-shop guidance.

Many doctors become incorporated in the medical equipment industry, providing essential knowledge of technology and medical practice.  This applies particularly to clinical trials, regulations, medical consultations, contact with global opinion leaders, business development and more.  Our firm's involvement in global startups enables us to provide numerous added values – from connection to existing startups as investors or advisory board, and up to assistance in establishing start-ups.


Providing Close Guidance in all Phases of your Professional Medical Career

BDO Israel have established a special "doctors sector" department, to ensure that doctors' strategic plans are successfully implemented and help build their commitment to the end plan.  The department's team of experts offers a comprehensive one-stop-shop operation including management and development of business activity, guidance for effective business decisions, and handling financial issues from the accounting, economic and taxation aspects. 


Services include: