Services of the Haifa Branch

BDO attributes great value to the economic activity in Northern Israel, which is constantly growing.


The Haifa Branch specializes in the provision of accounting services as well as business and financial services to a large number of companies in all sectors of the economy, including: public companies, government and private companies that are engaged in shipping, industry, pharmaceuticals, non-profit organizations, the tertiary sector, commerce and services, agricultural, manufacturing and more. As a branch of the national firm and a member of the BDO international network, the Haifa Branch receives ongoing and continuous support from the technical divisions and in particular updates of professional publications and exposure to precedents and comprehensive thinking in a wide range of issues.


The Team of the Haifa Branch

The Haifa Branch team comprises of accountants, tax advisors, economists, bookkeepers, interns and administrative staff. The office staff is divided into secondary teams that specialize in the primary areas of activity of the branch: audit teams, tax division, economics division, personal division and a company that provides bookkeeping, payroll accounting and controllership services. The senior partners in the branch interact directly with the clients and offer them a personalized and professional relationship. Starting with the first meeting with the client, the partners analyze the needs of the client, identify the business potential, and together with the client define ways to overcome the obstacles in the road and guide the client through all the stages of business development.