Adva Balmas, Adv, Director, Partner, Partner, Head of a corporate finance team, BDO Consulting

Adva Balmas

Partner, Head of a corporate finance team, BDO Consulting

Adv, Director, Partner




Adva is a head of a corporate finance team with deep understanding and vast experience in providing financial & management consulting services, to both public & privately held companies, governmental institutions, municipalities, in Israel and abroad. 

Provides a comprehensive services including: valuations and feasibility studies,  financial expert opinions, business plans, due diligence studies, capital raising, optimal capital structure, capital pricing, project feasibility,  present value calculations, management of financial (and other) risks, and more.

Adva leads the business recovery services, including successfully managing corporates' turn around processes, financial reconstruction, investigative auditing and formal proceeding.

Adva is the head of Euro-Asian desk' team, which provides financial consulting in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Albania and other countries, mainly to local government institutions, foreign private equity funds and foreign investors operating at that territories, local leading corporates, etc.

Adva has unique expertise in technology, industry and agro-tech sectors.



Adva is a certified lawyer, holds B.A. in Economics and LL.B in Law from Haifa University.