Carmela Cohen, Director of the SOX Unit, Corporate Governance and Regulation Division

Carmela Cohen

Director of the SOX Unit, Corporate Governance and Regulation Division



Executive Summary

Carmela Cohen has fourteen years’ experience in financial management, and over fourteen years’ experience in SOX auditing and consulting. She is an expert in the management of SOX and corporate governance projects, from the initial implementation of SOX, at government companies, banks, insurance companies, public companies in the United States, and public companies and reporting corporations in Israel.

Carmela’s work includes consulting in a range of industries: communications, technology, industry, real estate, infrastructures and projects, investments, banks, insurance, provident funds, pension funds, and more. These projects include monetary and operational process analysis, to assess risks and control gaps in all matters related to financial reporting and provide tools and solutions to improve the processes and remedy deficiencies, including writing procedures.

Carmela also has extensive experience in embedding work processes, instilling sound corporate governance at companies, monitoring the effectiveness of boards of directors, and providing opinions on the subject of the Packaging Law.



Carmela is a certified public accountant and holds a senior accountant diploma from the College of Management.