David Wertheimer, CPA, Partner in the Technology Cluster

David Wertheimer

Partner in the Technology Cluster


Tel Aviv - Head Office

+ 972-3-6386887


Executive Summary

CPA David Wertheimer, a partner in the cluster. Since joining the firm in 2001, specializes in advising public and private companies in the country, the US, Canada and the UK in the fields of pharmaceuticals and life sciences, construction, automobile, industry and high tech companies a blank check (SPAC reported under USGAAP rules and -IFRS). Has extensive experience in managing and leading complex projects facing international companies, while working with BDO's international network and professional departments in the world. In addition, an experienced issuing companies and raising capital on the stock exchanges in Israel and the US, as well as with all issues of  the companies reported in accordance with the Americans reporting rules. Has extensive knowledge in all areas of taxation, in Israel and abroad, Chief Scientist plans and incentives to Israeli and American public and private by The USGAAP, IFRS, Israeli GAAP standards. Extensive experience in filing tax reports in Israel, to apply for grants from the Chief Scientist, concentration of investments and 20a applications.