Dori Fisher

Dori Fisher

Head of Managed Cybersecurity Services

Cyber & Information Security | Cyber & Information Security




Dori currently heads MSSP and Managed Detection and Response Services  at BDO. In the last 12 years Dori was involved of most of the cyber security monitoring projects in Israel as an integrator, consultant and CTO for the largest SIEM SOC integrator.

Dori started his IT career 20 years ago, focusing on computer, network and data security. After serving a long career in an integrator, Dori led a threat intelligence vendor, focusing on actionable intelligence and SOC capabilities enhancement.

Dori developed methodologies around monitoring capabilities and has been functioning as technical advisory for one of the world largest SIEM solution.

Dori received MVP for successfully leading the deployments for a popular APT solution, enhancing it’s capabilities with advanced SIEM SOC integrations and making it the most deployed solution in Israel.



Dori is a certified CISSP since 2004 and has B.A in Sociology and Criminology (excellence graduation).