Hanna Eid

Hanna Eid

Partner, Tax Cluster

Real-Estate Tax

CPA | Adv

Executive summary

Executive Summary

Hanna Eid has over ten years’ experience in the various areas of tax, including income tax, deductions and surpluses, value-added tax, land taxation, and structural changes.

Hanna specializes in addressing tax issues through comprehensive examination of both accounting and legal aspects. Among other matters, Hanna provides tax consulting services to companies, primarily in the area of taxation in Israel; this includes tax issues of major and mid-sized corporations such as real-estate firms, health management organizations, non-profit organizations, and industrial companies.

Hanna is also a lecturer at Ono Academic College and a member of the professional staff responsible for the Israel CPA Council tests on tax law.


Hanna holds a B.A. degree in Law and Accounting from Tel Aviv University and an LL.M. degree, cum laude, from Tel Aviv University