Michal Avihai Gaon

Michal Avihai Gaon

Customer Management – Head of Hospitality, Wellness & Care Division

Hospitality leisure & Sport

Executive summary

Executive Summary

Michal Avihai Gaon is the head of the hospitality experience section at BDO Operational Excellence.

Michal has thirty years’ experience in the customer experience field at local and international companies; she is an expert in hospitality experience development and implementation, leisure and wellness, differentiation analysis and creation through marketing, and brand strategy. For ten years, she led customer experience and human-resources strategy at Sheraton Moriah Israel. In the past, she was a partner and general manager at Pyramid Experience Marketing, which specializes in planning, creative design, and production of concept events and content for leading companies in Israel.

In her current role, Michal is engaged in business development and management, cultivation of customer relationships, marketing, customer experience and hospitality, brand strategy implementation and assurance, and creation of value and demand through enhancement of the customer experience, as well as employer branding and the employee experience.

Michal is a graduate of the Behind the Magic course by the Walt Disney Company at the Disney Institute in Orlando; since then, she has advised on the construction and concept development of leading hotels and tourism, leisure, and retail sites in Israel. 



Marketing revolution for CEO's – IDC Herzelia
Ted Innovation for CEO's – IDC Herzelia
Quality service behind the magic – The Disney Institute Orlando
Board membership Course – LAHAV 
BA Special education & behavioral science