Tzach Assaf

Tzach Assaf

Partner in Real Estate Cluster

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Executive summary

Executive Summary

CPA, partner in the Financial Cluster.  Mr. Assaf has over 9 years of experience in the provision of accounting consulting services and audit services to a wide range of clients, particularly public companies that are listed for trade on stock exchanges in Tel-Aviv and the United States.  Mr. Assaf specializes in the provision of financial services, external audit services and process inspections in banks and financial institutions.  In Addition, Mr. Assaf is highly experienced in public offerings of companies in various sectors and in the provision of consulting services to government agencies, banks, ETFs, financial instruments, mutual funds, pension funds, provident funds, industrial companies, high-tech companies, research and development companies and others.  

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Mr. Assaf holds a BA in Accounting and Economics from the Ben-Gurion University.

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