Tzvika Gross

Tzvika Gross

Head of Global Outsourcing Services

Technology & Life Sciences | Fintech and Blockchain

Global Outsourcing Services


Executive summary

Executive Summary


Chartered Public Accountant since 2003

B.A. in computer science

B.A. in accounting and business

MBA in finance, banking and information systems, Hebrew University


Tzvika Gross leads the BSO services in Israel, for both global and domestic companies. The BSO group provides a variety of outsourcing services to the rapid-growing tech ecosystem in Israel as well as the local finance team for global companies operating in Israel. The BSO group has a professional team providing admin and accounting services for venture capital and private equity funds.


Tzvika has been with BDO since 2012, establishing the global outsourcing department in BDO Israel. His knowledge and broad experience as both auditor and advisor, as well as CTO to several tech and telecom companies, were significant in the transformation of the BSO services in Israel into a technology and automation-driven division with top-of-the-line professional standards and advance quality control measures.

Tzvika has established the Global Outsourcing Services group to provide a holistic solution to global corporations operating in Israel, for all the relevant aspects, e.g., tax, compliance, secretarial, and legal.

Tzvika established the Fund Accounting and Admin Services group, as part of the BSO provisioning, utilizing unique know-how and practices, while developing and deploying proprietary information systems to enhance investor relations services for the Fund Admin group. 

In addition, Tzvika's combined experience in both accounting and technology, positioned him as the leading partner for the blockchain and crypto task force of BDO Israel.