Udi Greenberg

Udi Greenberg

Head of the Professional Practice Department

Professional Practice

CPA | Partner

Executive summary

Executive Summary

CPA (in Israel and the U.S.), Managing Partner in the Professional Practice Department. Has a long-standing experience of more than two decades in providing professional consulting on accounting and audit issues, reviewing the financial statements of public and private companies, guiding prospectuses and performing due diligence in companies. Udi participate in discussions with the Israeli Securities Authority and the SEC. In the past he was positioned in BDO U.S.A, where he acquired substantial knowledge in all aspects of U.S. GAAP and SEC regulations pertaining to the review of annual and quarterly financial statements of public companies traded on U.S  stock markets, the review of prospectuses for the issuance of local and foreign companies and the provision of professional accounting and audit services. Udi had taken part in the discussion and preparation of accounting standards and the writing of professional books, publications and articles and lectures in academic institutes, including the Tel-Aviv University, the College of Management and the IDC Herzliya. Udi participate in the Israel Accounting Standards Board monthly meetings and have been the chairman of several sub- committees.

Involved in initial public offerings in the U.S.A, Australia, Canada, Sweden, the U.K, the Nederland's and Israel.
Since 2011 I have been a seconded partner to BDO Global IFRS Advisory Group (the only partner from an Israeli accounting firm to hold such a position). In this position Udi represent the BDO Global network in discussions with regulators and standard setters from around the world, he involved in technical advise to the BDO member firms and lecture to BDO employees from around the world.

Since 2020 Udi's have been a member (BDO Global's representative) of The IASB's IFRS Advisory Council (the only Israeli accountant to hold such a position).