Yuval Eliaz , Director, Antitrust Law, BDO Consulting

Yuval Eliaz

Director, Antitrust Law, BDO Consulting

Tel Aviv - Head Office




Mr. Yuval Eliaz, Director, Head of Competition & Antitrust at BDO Consulting. Mr. Eliaz provides economic consulting to companies, boards of directors, associations, trade unions and government agencies regarding all aspects of competition & antitrust issues including: M&A, JV, Pricing and Discount Policy, Restricted Trade Agreements, Investigations Conducted by the IAA, Legislative & Regulatory Proposals, Legal Proceedings. Mr. Eliaz has 16 years of professional experience in carrying out complex economic studies that include competitive analysis along with market trends analysis and government policy in a wide variety of industries, including: Chemicals, Infrastructure, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Aviation, Telecommunications, FMCG and more. Mr. Eliaz has vast experience in dealing with government authorities, representing companies and organizations in the course of legislative and regulatory changes and appearing as an expert witness in legal proceedings. Prior to joining BDO, Mr. Eliaz served as a team leader at the IAA and was the founder and manager of a boutique economic consulting practice.



Mr. Eliaz holds an M.A in economics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.