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BDO Consulting

BDO Consulting

BDO Consulting Israel is the advisory service line of BDO Israel and part of the global BDO network. BDO Consulting consists of seven divisions to mirror the structure of modern firms and organization management and to meet the various needs of our clients facing 21st century challenges. Each of our consulting divisions is a professional knowledge center that relies on years of experience at the local and global level.

Today, more than ever before, businesses are faced with the need to adapt to constant changes. The economy is defined by risks, technology, and flexibility. We help identify opportunities for adapting, facilitating growth in a way that positions our clients for a real competitive advantage, as we are realizing business transformation at scale.

Our clients count on us to guide them through any challenge and need, by providing knowledge-based solutions of each of our integrated divisions:  from strategy to finance, technology, cyber, HR, regulatory and compliance.

Our mission as a consulting firm is to help organizations across various verticals, private and public sectors, coming from multiple fields and sizes develop a strategic foresight - leveraging our domain experts and frontline BDO teams who join forces to transform perspective into plans, and ideas into projects and action items.

We provide one stop shop consulting services, bringing our know-how and allowing companies to grow, evolve and adapt to change quickly, while delivering on each company’s greatest strengths.

Rethinking corporate core and functions, processes and business models, our divisions heads and various experts spearhead the drive to facilitate change. We deliver tangible and measurable organizational growth and success that makes a significant impact. We command the most updated knowledge and methodologies that improve performance, focused on differentiating capabilities and cutting costs.

Our experts' drive and experience, teamed with key stakeholders of various functions within any organization, enable us to form a clear path, partnering and consulting through each step of the project: from inception, planning, to execution. And finally, as a retrospect we deliver evaluation of success - meeting goals and KPIs.

BDO Consulting. Knowledge Driven Success