Small Medium Businesses (SMB)

Small Medium Businesses (SMB)

Small and Medium Sized Businesses

SMB is a special department offering small and medium sized business owners diverse solutions for business development.


Comprehensive financial solutions for small and medium sized business

Small and medium sized enterprises are of decisive importance for the Israeli economy as a whole, because they are the ones that generate most of the market productivity in the private sector.  Moreover, an innovative small or medium enterprise or industry contributes a large chunk to employment growth and plays a significant role in the process of economic development.  However, despite their intrinsic role, small and medium enterprises are extremely vulnerable to the vicissitudes of the market.   When you add to this lack of business experience and lack of financial reserves to overcome periods of recession, it is only natural that they tend to close down. 

BDO Israel have set up a special department to support small businesses as they rise to these challenges and improve business productivity: management tools, financial solutions, international development, risk management, organizational reforms, social and environmental responsibility and more.


Small and Medium Sized Business Department (SMB)

BDO Israel's SMB specializes in providing business consulting, taxation and auditing services.  It is designed to offer close guidance to owners of small and medium sized enterprises in dealing with the professional issues of their business,  through a one-stop-shop and personalized service to meet their requirements.  This includes:

  • Auditing and assistance with taxation
  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial guidance and consulting on economic issues
  • Technology solutions
  • Branding, marketing and advertising
  • BDO Maof Ltd. – assistance to entrepreneurs and SMB