• Customer Management

Customer Management

BDO Customer Management provides data-driven consulting services to assist organizations in improving their business performance and customer experience management. Our team offers our expertise in planning and implementing Customer Experience Management programs across digital and multi-channel platforms, customer loyalty programs, and voice of customer initiatives. We help B2C, B2B, and governmental organizations improve their customer relations and business performance by using advanced data analysis throughout the customer lifecycle.


Customer Centricity Model for Improving Business Performance

The Customer Centricity Model helps the organization navigate to the optimal point, whereby the customer and the organization both simultaneously attain excellent value. The Customer Centricity Model produces three major benefits, which support and nurture each other:


Deeper relationships are established and developed through loyalty, recommendation, adoption of innovation, and endurance in times of crisis.

A more efficient service operation is provided by reducing the amount and duration of calls, by improving customer service agent productivity, and by adopting more effective, self-service processes.

Increased customer value in the form of improved profitability, growth in sales volume, cross and up sales and customer lifecycle value.


  • Customer Centricity
  • Increasing Customer Life Value
  • Service Efficiency
  • Deepening Relationships
  • Each one of the benefits fosters the others; deepening the relationship creates efficiency in customer service, which in turn increases customer lifetime value and further deepens relations. The outcome: greater leverage for improved business results.


Solutions for Customer Service Management Experience and Loyalty

As an integral unit of the BDO Consulting Group, our customers benefit from multi-disciplinary solutions including technology, operations, finance, training and organizational development. The team, led by Dr. Guy Yogev, brings extensive local and international practical experience from a variety of industries and uses several, specialized methodologies. Our company offers solutions tailored to the client's needs:

  • Strategic Customer Focus Plan
  • Customer-Centric Digital Transformation
  • Measurement and Control Services Methods for Customer Experience
  • Research, Surveys and Benchmark Services
  • Implementation And Change Management
  • Performance Improvement Program
  • Outsourcing of Customer Experience Services 
  • Advanced Analytical Models