• Strategy, Growth & Innovation

Long time successful companies are companies that know how to reinvent themselves every time. But strategic change is never an easy or effortless process, not at the company level, and certainly not at the management level. In any strategic, digital, or marketing move, business innovation moves always raise doubts and question marks.

BDO Consulting's strategy, growth and innovation experts enter the picture here. Thanks to a deep understanding of the market, competition, and local and global trends, we create an accurate mapping of opportunities to leverage business and marketing activities and create a competitive advantage that is successfully implemented.

Our team of experts has gained extensive and diverse experience in leading strategic processes for countless companies in all sectors of the Israeli economy. We build our team of experts with a multidisciplinary vision with business-financial experts, business development consultants, marketing, sales, digital and customer experience professionals to provide comprehensive and applied solutions for any strategic move.

We are at the customers' disposal with services for building a comprehensive business strategy for identifying growth engines, developing, and accompanying business in entering new markets and leading mergers successfully. Our experience in developing areas of activity and products makes the concept of innovation an orderly method that allows us to lead and implement innovation processes and introduce digital strategy, advanced marketing solutions, positioning and a winning "branding wrapper" and customer experience management and accurate service.