• Logistics & Operation

Logistics & Operation

Kav Project – Management Consulting Firm, of the BDO Group, focuses on providing corporate decision makers with a diversity of tools to improve performance distinctively and substantially, so as to compete in a dynamic global business environment.

The advantages offered by Kav Project is its familiarity with competitive market conditions, understanding the relevant processes, and the extensive experience offered by a professional team in the following fields:

  • Operation and logistics
  • Procurement
  • Organization and methods
  • Project assurance
  • Organizational development
  • Risk, quality and environmental safety and hygiene management
  • Consulting on economic issues

Kav Project is headed by Relly Kovarsky and Esti Goldhamer.  Relly – the firm's founder and CEO – is an expert on strategic consulting and corporate recovery.  He holds a B.Sc. degree in industrial engineering and management.

Esti Goldhamer – managing partner, specializes in the operating fields - organizational and economic aspects.  She holds a B.Sc. degree in industrial engineering and an M.BA. in business administration from Tel Aviv University.