• Public Operations

While coordinating with government ministries and public bodies that affect all citizens of the country, one must think big and come with a sense of mission and deep responsibility. Management of service systems on a government scale requires knowledge, experience, a nationwide response, and proven ability.

The Public Operations of BDO Consulting enables the managers of divisions and government units to transfer the public service management tasks in the areas of socio-economic development to our management experts, thus continuing to engage in policy making, control, and monitoring of the quality of services provided as well as other tasks. Our management experts will do everything to ensure that the service to the citizens is operated on the best side and promotes the policy of the firm and the goals of the service provided.

BDO Consulting's Public Operations manages advanced service systems for diverse government ministries. At its center is the management of service evaluators for the Ministry of Economy and for the Labor Department in the government. The service is provided nationwide, with the help of implementing innovative technology and advanced management of the necessary information and data. In addition, the division specializes in socio-economic development and in collaboration with all local authorities in the country. The services provided are diverse and currently concern all parties in the Israeli economy - citizens, businesses, and workers alike.

Among other things, the division works to open new possibilities for small and medium-sized businesses by managing an ingenuity system for the Ministry of Economy. In addition, it contributes to the maximum integration of workers in the Israeli labor market by managing the employment centers of the Labor Department, with an emphasis on marginalized populations.

The expertise of the Public Operations in managing diverse service systems for the public, enables government bodies in Israel to operate service systems in every socio-economic field at the highest level, and for the benefit of all citizens in Israel.

Our vision is to instill business professionalism in the public service, to be partners in promoting and improving the public service in Israel together and for government ministries and for all Israeli citizens with an emphasis on the periphery, with diverse populations and addressing market failures in Israeli economy and society.