The Settlement Cluster at BDO Israel offers its clients accounting services, audit of financial statements and specialized consulting services to kibbutzim and related enterprises: industrial plants, holding companies, agriculture, tourism, amutot, local committees, reserve funds, water associations, etc.

The Cluster has developed unique models for the analysis of financial statements that are characteristic of concern structured corporations. The models incorporate financial and pricing-management data for each individual division as well as comprehensive reports of the business segment and the community. The Cluster has created customized tools for collective as well as renewing kibbutzim. 

  • Audit Services
  • Tax Services
  • Consulting Services
The services developed specifically for the agriculture sector include:
  • Audit of financial statements of kibbutzim and corporations controlled by the kibbutz, including holding companies and companies overseas
  • Accompanying the kibbutz with the Initial Public Offerings of its enterprise and assistance in the preparation of the prospectus
  • Preparation of tax returns for said corporations
  • Consulting on tax planning issues that are unique to the settlement sector, taking into consideration the structure of ownership and connection to the kibbutz
  • Incorporation, re-organization of the holding structure and allocation of equity and assets
  • Representation of the kibbutz with the Societies Registrar
  • Providing solutions for independent businesses and entrepreneurs in the kibbutz
  • Consulting, guidance and representation in the preparation of Incentive plans and the receipt of benefits under government encouragement laws
  • Representation of the kibbutz with the tax authorities, social security and others
  • Preparation of special approvals that require an accounting audit
  • Analysis of financial statements and their presentation to the kibbutz's management and assembly
  • Ongoing consulting on income tax, labor laws, value-added tax, social security and deductions
  • Specification, selection and deployment of CRM, BI and ERP IT systems and maintenance consulting (financial, pricing, cash flow and other systems)
  • Establishment of various types of industrial pricing systems under the ABC method, TOC approach, etc.
  • Educating the Audit Committee and corporations as to the implementation of controls under the provisions of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the Goshen Committee and regulations pertaining to financial management and account reporting systems


The Settlement Cluster Team

The Settlement Cluster's team consists of accountants, economists and IT personnel.  The team specializes in the unique accountancy of the sector, its special incorporation methods, and its numerous areas of operation.