Hedge Funds

Hedge Funds


Hedge Funds in Israel

The Hedge Funds industry in Israel includes dozens of funds, some of which are registered in Israel and some in various countries such as Cayman Islands, Virgin Islands, United States, and more. The Israeli hedge funds are not supervised by the ISA (Israel Securities Authority). Since hedge funds are designed to function in any given market status, the lack of supervision by the ISA enables fund managers to focus on their accounts alone.

Fund Managers' Need for Ongoing Professional Assistance

The lack of regulation on the Israeli hedge fund industry enables fund managers to focus on their accounts alone. Yet, these same fund managers have a crucial need to rely on professionals with relevant experience, who can assist in constructing the structure for new funds, investment agreements, taxation frameworks, and more.

Our Professional Experience

BDO Israel is a pioneer in helping local hedge funds. The firm provides professional services for a number of funds and their managing partners, including international services for funds registered abroad, which appeal to international audiences. The firm offers its know-how on the local capital market, banking and finance sectors for the benefit of hedge funds, helping them identify the most relevant service providers for them.

Services for Hedge Funds

BDO Israel offers an inclusive service pack for hedge funds, addressing most of the fund managers' needs. We assist general partners in the earliest stages of constructing their funds and operation with taxation and legal issues. We also take an active part in organizing the fund's structure, work with top local lawyers with experience in hedge funds, address the authorities to obtain a Ruling for the fund's managers, and more.


BDO Service Pack for Hedge Funds Includes:

  • Audit on financial statements
  • Tax trust
  • Withdrawal trust
  • Administration services for the general partner