• Banking & Finance

Banking & Finance

BDO ISRAEL's Financial Cluster has years of experience in the finance and banking sector. As a result, the Firm specializes in a variety of unique, client-specific services.  

Among these services are in-depth knowledge of the relevant legislation, vis-à-vis government and regulatory bodies, and familiarity with customers' special needs from the field. Our office specializes in providing services to a large number of banks, pension funds, insurance companies, investment banks and other Israeli financial bodies.

The firm accompanies large banking groups, investment banks, stock exchange members, underwriting companies, venture capital funds, trust funds, provident, pension and education funds, hedge funds and exchange traded funds in their activities in Israel and around the world.

The firm's work is conducted with the full cooperation of the Audit Cluster, the Tax Cluster and professional groups, in order to provide clients with the best possible results. Each department in the firm possesses a wealth of experience in accompanying clients from the field of finance, banking and capital markets in their on going activities, and provides them with a variety of services.