Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds


Expertise, Experience and Leadership in the Mutual Funds Sector

BDO Israel acts as the external auditor of about 25% of all mutual funds traded in Israel, and from various investment companies, among them: 

  • Excellence Mutual Funds
  • Meitav-Dash mutual funds
  • IBI Mutual Funds
  • Ayalim Mutual Funds 
  • Analyst Mutual Funds
  • Ayalon Mutual Funds
  • Yalin Lapidot Mutual Funds
  • Mor Mutual Funds

Advising Trust Companies

During our work and throughout the years, we have been working closely with many of the Israeli trust companies, among them:

  • Brightman Almagor Trusts
  • U-Bank Trusts
  • Mizrahi Tfahot Trusts
  • Ernst & Young Trusts
  • Union Bank Trusts


Working with Operational Service Providers

BDO Ziv Haft also works with the various mutual funds operational service providers in Israel, among them: 

  • First International Bank of Israel / U-Bank      
  • Leumi mutual funds management                  
  • Discount mutual funds management
  • Mizrahi Tfahot

Our Professional Team

Our experienced team works closely with the managers and trustees and consults on taxation issues as tax regulations are updated. Our team also keeps close relations with the Israeli Securities Authority (ISA) for advisory and updates for our clients.

The team is lead by Mr. Alon Gonen, CPA (Isr.), and a partner at BDO Ziv Haft's Banking, Finance and Capital Market cluster. Alon takes part in various activities of the Israeli Mutual Funds Managers Association, when major changes and updates in the industry are discussed with the ISA and the Israel Tax Authority, such as IFRS, tax exemptions, and more.


Mutual Funds Mergers

BDO Ziv Haft advises many mutual funds managers with mergers of funds. As part of our assistance in obtaining a preliminary funds merger approval in the "green track" by the Israel Tax Authority, we have worked with many of the leading investment management companies in Israel who merged and acquired funds, such as:

  • Mutual funds by Excellence
  • Mutual funds by Meitav-Dash
  • Mutual funds by Yalin Lapidot
  • Mutual funds by Analyst
  • Mutual funds by Ayalim/U-Bank
  • Mutual funds by Alumot Sprint
  • Mutual funds by Ayalon

We assist our clients with managing the whole spectrum of the work in from of tax authorities, represent the mutual fund managing company, and act to obtain preliminary approval as fast as possible.