Kiryat Shmona & The North Branch

The Kiryat Shmona branch specializes in providing accounting and auditing services to a variety of corporations including kibbutzim, collective corporations, public companies, nonprofits, government and private companies engaged in the field of industry and commerce, real estate, and high-tech. As a branch of the national firm and as part of the international network, the office in Kiryat Shmona receives constant support from the professional departments including professional returns and training days. The branch team works to give the customer a personal and professional attitude throughout the connection stages.

Main Services Provided to BDO Branch Customers in Kiryat Shmona

• Auditing financial statements for kibbutzim, public companies, private companies, government companies, associations and partnerships, and third sector bodies (non-profit organizations, NGOs and more)


• Analyzing financial statements and presenting them to management and the board
• Ongoing counseling and representation before tax authorities in tax assessments, VAT audits, deductions, and social security
• Advice, guidance, and representation in the preparation of programs and receiving benefits under government encouragement laws
• Establishing cost systems and manager information such as ABC, implementation of TOC approach, and more
• Performing economic work, preparing recovery plans, debt arrangements with banks, valuations, and feasibility studies
• Accounting services both outside and in the business including payroll processing
• Risk and internal control survey
• Tax services for companies, individuals, and partnerships. Services are provided at, during, and after the tax planning level before transactions
at the level of representation with the various tax authorities during discussions and prior approvals. These services bring significant savings to our customers
• Tax planning and consulting on corporate and individual taxation (including international taxation)
• Changing corporate structure
• An array of professional services for CPA offices and other attorneys
• Counseling and support of family companies
• Local committees and reserve funds
• Separation of community farms, unions, and equity associations

We work to enrich, expand, and assimilate the professional knowledge of the firm's employees in order to provide the customer with quality and personal service. In addition, our clients enjoy professional conferences and regular updates relevant to their field of business operations.

The staff of the Kiryat Shmona branch have years of experience in providing audit, accounting, taxation, and consulting services across a broad range of areas. The branch team includes accountants and economists who work with the firm's clients while providing personal and professional attitude in every field.