Cyber Resilience

Expertize You Need, For Successful Implementation

Cyber resilience is the ability to withstand the ramifications of a significant operational disruption resulting from a cyber intrusion or attack, while continuing the operation of essential processes and services, and rapid recovery of business activities to an acceptable level.

The organisation and structure of the different aspects of cyber resilience, requires the integration of very different components. In their own right, each of the functions of defending against a cyber intrusion are complex from identification through defense & response and to recovery. Some functions are more technology-heavy, some more procedure-centric, and some are very reliant on human skills.

The BDO Cybersecurity Center in Israel provides a range of planning, design, architectural, and testing services for critical in-house functions of a Cyber Defense/Security Operations Centre, as well as the processes, procedures and training associated with it.


Enabling Situational Awareness

Designing solutions for monitoring the internal and external environment, detecting weaknesses, threats and incident, using advanced capabilities such as pattern recognition, anomaly detection, and big data analysis. Prioritization of incidents considering their level of risk and the potential damage, as a basis for operative decisions making;


Establish a CSOC or CERT

The Cyber Security Operations Centre [CSOC] is the heart of the security operations of an organization and houses the most important resilience ‘function’, enabling early detection and effective incident management for quick containment and recovery. BDO has developed a unique and proven methodology for building CSOCs for state and enterprise organizations. BDO can help public and private sector organisations to establish Cyber Emergency Response Team [CERT] functionality for national or industry levels, integrating best or bread intelligence and monitoring solutions.


Business Continuity Planning

Planning must be effective if it is to address cyber incident scenarios that could potentially affect the organization's business activity, its suppliers and service providers, the availability of supporting infrastructures. In order to enhance the organizations' resilience during the operational disruptions due to cyber attacks, and to reduce the impact such disruptions may have to the continuity of operations, BDO can provide planning review, support, and testing to ensure efficacy.


Incident Response Planning

Preparing a multi-disciplinary response to a cyber-attack, including procedures for business operations, corporate communications, media affairs, public relations, legal, marketing, law enforcement, and information technology. Preparing ‘playbooks’ to be followed for different scenarios and governance & management functions to maintaining current-cy.


Maturity Assessments, and Incident Response Testing

Conducting an assessment of resilience incorporates a static and dynamic approach to evaluating incident response capabilities, maturity, and management & oversight functions within resilience programs. This typically combines, our proprietary approach to maturity assessments, using a war games methodology and SOC testing to examine technology, procedures, playbooks, skills, and organizational aspects.