Managed Security (MDR)

On-demand Best-of-Breed Services To Fill Your Capability And Capacity Gaps.

Sustaining capability and capacity is increasingly difficult with the projected and ongoing shortage of advanced cyber skills. The more advanced skills are in highest demand, and in shortest supply, particularly in rapidly evolving areas and new technology.

By procuring managed security (MDR) services our clients are able to focus their attention and resources on the critical aspects of their internal organization and processes that require the most attention. They also allow clients to benefit from a level of resilience and defense that they would struggle to achieve alone.

The BDO Security Operations Center in Israel provides a range of on-demand services to support your 24/7 resilience that enable you to expand capacity when it is most required, and enlist specialist capabilities that you cannot justify employing.


SIEM as a Service

Providing clients with a cloud based platform, that allows collection of events from any device and correlation packages that report to the client.

C-D/SOC as a Service

Providing clients with SOC service – either on their systems via remote management or on our SIEM platform. SIEM service also incorporates providing clients with SIEM content packages both technical and use cases documents.

Proactive Threat Hunting

Providing clients that either have a SIEM or use our infrastructure hunting services, based on their logs and our knowledge.

Forensic and Analyst Services

Providing clients with analysts to analyze events and alerts, etc.

Monitoring and Response Services

Building monitoring services around specific risks and use cases, these can include the collection technology or just monitoring and alerting around a specific technology, this can be MDM in the cloud, AntiVirus, IPS or SCADA environment. This can include providing clients with an endpoint monitoring service that includes the technology endpoints and a 24/7 response service.

BDO Unique Product Services

can deploy and monitor various security solutions for detection and response, deception, investigation & forensics, and automated solutions related to – Endpoint, behavior, network, and data leakage.