Data Management

Data management deals with the process of business and decision-making, and not merely with data.  An organizational data system is necessary for managing reliable, available and uniform data for the entire business processes throughout the organization.  To ensure that decision-making is based on full transparency, the data must be consistent and swiftly retrievable.

We at BDO Technology Advisory will assist you in applying orderly methods for data management and to achieve data governance, which have an impact on the following organizational dimensions:

  • Defining responsibility over data and the supporting organizational structure
  • Compiling an organizational data dictionary
  • Identifying and managing data update processes
  • Handling duplicities and data amelioration
  • Identifying relationships between data and databases
  • Establishing policy and data procedures including data time keeping and backup requirements
  • Defining indicators and monitoring procedures
  • Defining data structures for the organizational data warehouse
  • Handling historic data