Real Estate Investment Banking


The real estate banking investment unit specializes in providing funding solutions for real estate entrepreneurs, assists professional investors in identifying properties and connecting them to quality developers, and leads business processes in the sector (JV).  In addition to assisting with funding, the unit specializes in locating transactions and helping investors to find strategic partners.


The unit, in conjunction with other departments in the consulting company, is active in the fields of land valuations, drafting business plans and offering solutions to complex capital raising problems.


Real Estate Investment Banking Overseas – The unit represents overseas entrepreneurs (GP) from across the real estate spectrum, in particular the U.S., and connects them to Israeli and international investment entities for equity raising purposes. 


In addition to raising equity, the unit works in full collaboration with the consulting firm's debt unit, assisting entrepreneurs in offering solutions to complex capital raising problems, including mezzanine financing and recycling loans. The unit also helps providing business solutions jointly with the land valuations company owned by BDO Spectrum, and cooperates with the CF unit in strategic business planning. Additionally, the unit cooperates with the M&A unit in offering solutions to property owning companies.


Our services:

  • Representing entrepreneurs in Israel and overseas for equity raising purposes
  • Connecting Israeli investment funds and family offices to quality deal flow
  • Raising capital for real estate funds in Israel and overseas and connecting them to high net worth individuals
  • Identifying transactions                                          
  • Connecting to potential strategic partners (JV)
  • Providing strategic financial consulting to real estate entrepreneurs, with specialization in complex deals