Business planning & Capital raising advisory

We are proud to provide Business Plan and Fund Raising products for Startups as an open door for an exciting journey on their business path.

  • A Business Plan is a living document, a guidebook, that is used to help make your Company’s internal and external decisions during all growth stages.
  • Your Company has different needs at each stage of growth and our goal is to provide a business plan that can easily be updated, while focusing on the most critical aspects based on the current company situation.
  • BDO can help create a condensed business plan for an early stage company that can be expanded as your company grows throughout its life cycle.
  • During the BP process, we help to identify potential strategic partners, clients and investors through the BDO global network and accompany you through the process.

Connect you with local and global investors and potential clients to maximize your growth.


BDO is committed to helping you succeed at all stages of your business life cycle. Early stage and high growth businesses face unique challenges which require different skills from their advisers than their established cousins. To make sure we can support these exciting and ambitious companies we have created High Growth Advisory.
High Growth Advisory is a team of dedicated senior professionals from a mixture of professional services and industry backgrounds who have first-hand experience in early stage business and passion for helping high growth businesses succeed

As Israel is recognized globally as being the place to be and home to thousands of entrepreneurs and Start-ups, at BDO you can find a one-stop-shop for everything you need.

How can BDO help you?

BDO wants to partner for life with fast growing and entrepreneurial businesses. By providing strategic management support and outsourced accounting and CFO on demand allowing business owners to focus on managing their business supported by accurate financial information, quality investor reporting and a clearly defined strategy.

To do this we have developed a holistic offering across our specialist teams:

Prospecting – Can maximize value by leveraging their experience of 1000’s of transactions to identify potential issues early, help prepare for fundraising, assessing finance options and making introductions to funders: formulating business strategy, examining investment alternative, preparation of marketing Kit: blind teaser, investor deck, business plan and indicative valuation.

Fund raising – Formulation of Long List, Sourcing domestic & international investors:   Strategic partners, Private Investors, VCs, Angels to scheduling meetings with investors.

Pitching -Preparing management towards meetings with investors, visit to company’s offices, presenting the company to various investors, filtering relevant investors – short list.

Closing - Contract Structuring and negotiation advisory, conducting accounting, tax and business due diligence, formulating transaction outline – term sheet, Bridging over DD gaps, formulation of SPA agreement until the deal closing.