Provides close guidance to hundreds of organizations in a broad range of sectors, on issues involving SOX corporate governance and regulation.  These include: corporations traded on the NASDAQ, companies traded in Israel, government companies and sick funds.

Our leadership team is comprised of senior consulting experts who have extensive experience and a thorough understanding of audit work, internal controls, business administration, law, industrial engineering and management.

Among the department's services:

  • Project execution and management for numerous SOX clients in diverse sectors
  • Analysis of processes, risks and controls within the organization, drafting supporting procedures and overseeing their implementation
  • Introducing improvements in business practices and organizational performance
  • Operational and logistic consulting on purchase and inventory management
  • Identifying weak points in operational processes that propagate wasteful spending, disorder and exposure to fraud and embezzlement
  • Assimilation of regulatory orders
  • Close guidance in applying the Packaging Law

Added Values for the Company

  • Limiting the risk of errors, irregularities and wasteful spending in the course of  routine business operations
  • Intensifying operational and organizational efficiency
  • Increasing credibility and goodwill for financial statement users:  banks, clients, suppliers
  • Impact on company value and attraction for investors
  • Limiting exposure to fraud and embezzlement
  • Effective management of units/sites/subcontractors located outside the company's head-quarters