• Valuations


Our Valuations team consists of numerous accounting, economic and legal consultants who specialize in a wide range of valuation types for various purposes. The valuation work is carried out by the relevant experts who have the experience, knowledge, expertise and familiarity with the sector of focus, and of which are best suitable for the specific company and proposed project. Our experts cover a wide range of sectors including: Media and Telecommunications, Technology, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Power & Utilities (including Water, Oil & Gas and Renewables), Retail and Wholesale, Real Estate, Medical equipment, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and more.


Business Valuations

By the time you realize a valuation is incorrect, it may be too late. For most transactions, disputes or planning propositions, there will only be one opportunity to present all of the facts appropriately in order to secure the optimum result. Achieving this involves a delicate interplay of business acumen, legal expertise, technical knowledge and commercial pragmatism.

BDO’s Valuations team specializes in independent business valuations which may be required for a variety of purposes. Our work includes reports needed to comply with accounting and regulatory standards as well as tax, litigation, family and commercial purposes.

A valuation is often needed at a difficult or stressful time. Whether it is a shareholder dispute, a potential sale, the breakdown of a relationship or simply the year-end audit process, we aim to deliver exceptional client service that meet our clients’ valuations needs in a timely and cost-effective way. Our combined experience means that there are very few situations in which we would not be suitable to conduct a proper valuation. In addition, as there may be circumstances where existing advisors may not be able to assist due to an actual or perceived conflict, our team is proficient in liaising with external professional advisers in order to complete the project at hand without affecting the quality of work.

If you have recently completed an acquisition, or are contemplating one, and would like independent, professional, and knowledgeable valuation advice based upon a combined decades of experience, please contact us.

Shahar Ziv, Managing Partner, BDO Israel, is Head of Global Valuations in international BDO