• Valuations


The consulting company deals with the overall aspects of funding and valuations, including work addressing with the structure of optimal equity structure, analysis of public companies, corporate valuations, providing assistance to public and private capital raising, debt settlements, feasibility studies, collateral verification, debt appraisal, financial risk management and more.  These tasks are performed in order to meet various requirements, such as: purchases, sales, placement (private or public), privatization of government companies, mergers, liquidating assets, demand by institutional investor demands or taking on business partner to perform valuations. 

The work is carried out while performing an in-depth analysis of the company's business and the competitive environment in which it operations, in the process of which application is made of innovative economic theories and extensive information accumulated over the years by the consulting company, specifically intended for precise corporate valuations.  This is done on a both random and a fixed basis, such as analysis of public companies for banks and investment entities.