• Control Services

Process Control and Improvement

Is the organization, with all its branches, operating in the best possible manner, whilst ensuring adequate control and supervisory channels?  Are its various work processes being managed by virtue of a clear rational or rather according to rooted practices?

Could the pace of work be unsatisfactory, despite the size of the Finance Department?

Internal consultants on the development of work practices attempt to answer queries of this nature.

Every organization is required to operate through constant efforts to ameliorate and improve the efficiency of processes and controls in its operating environment, with a view to continuing to exist for a long time.

The Risk Advisory Services (RAS) of BDO Consulting Group specializes in performing in-depth assessments of practices in organizational work units, identifying weaknesses in controls and "bottlenecks" and characterizing adequate work and controls environment.  This is achieved by way of providing the following services:

  • Setting up intra-organizational control work units
  • Assimilating procedures and developing control systems
  • Assessing "core" departments and formulating recommendations for improving efficiency in the Finance Dept., including bookkeeping, payroll calculations, logisitics, etc.
  • Improving supply chain management