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Corporate Strategy


BDO Corporate Strategy consulting is a leading Israeli strategy consulting practice.

The practice established in 1986, with the merger of GIL and CSC, two top strategic consulting firms. In 2008, GIL-CSC merged with BDO, this year the merger is completed and the strategic consulting fully integrated in our consulting services, as a leading, long-standing, strategic consulting practice in Israel.

The services of the company focus on the planning of business strategies for leading companies in a variety of sectors, including IT and communications, agriculture, consumer products, services and trade, industry, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and more.

The services are provided for Israeli companies, their subsidiaries an also for foreign companies locally and abroad.

The services are custom made to our client needs and we ensure that the client gets the best resources we have by assigning dedicated and experienced team to manages each project.

We also meeting the challenge of organizations in Israel to navigate their business in the new digital era and help them to think out of the box and plan the digital transformation of their business

Our Services

  • Formulating a business strategy for corporate, companies and governmental organizations                        
  • Follow up for Strategic processes,  such as:
    • Growth engines development
    • Feasibility studies & market research
    • Marketing strategy
    • Organizational change 
  • Strategy implementation: we support the implementation of our new strategies and ensure managers have all necessary assistance to make their strategy a success.

With over 30 years of experience in the market and hundreds of strategic projects, the practice is built to make your company vision’s a business success