• Management Consulting

BDO Consulting Group is BDO Israel's consulting arm, providing a wide range of consulting and management services to both the private and public sector on diverse issues.

The teams and subsidiaries involved in management consulting draw on deep experience, developing and integrating accounting, finance and HR objectives, assisting and overseeing a wide range of projects, such as planning cross organization strategies, operational efficiency, HR, motivating employees and managers, senior officer remuneration, corporate governance, labeling and advertising, client management and corporate responsibility.

In addition to providing consulting services to the private, public and government sectors, our leadership team also possesses unique expertise in offering advisory services to family companies.

The extensive advisory practice of the firm and each subsidiaries separately enables BDO Consulting to meet clients' diverse needs,  through first class professionals comprising industrial engineers, economists, strategy and marketing officers, all of whom have academic qualifications in multidisciplinary research fields including  industrial sectors such as defense, commerce, communication, health, real estate, infrastructures, technology and more.

In addition to operating in the domestic market, the firm is active globally with desks and subsidiaries in many countries worldwide – including the U.S.A., China, India and Russia.  The operation is designed to provide diverse business development and professional services in the target markets, tailor-made to meet clients' specific business expectations and adapted to the particular sector in which they operate.