B2B & High tech

With the emergence of new business models such as SaaS, in a dynamic and competitive environment, high-tech companies must implement management practices that ensure that the customer receives maximum value from the products services. These methods include voice of the customer, real-time response, customer retention, and ensuring customer success.

Today, social media marketing is a major component of the marketing strategy. As such, high-tech companies must not only manage their marketing resources optimally, but also ensure that their brand has a prominent place in the social media arena.


By using data-driven content creation and by managing communities of professionals, BDO Customer Management assists B2B companies to stand out in their professional community. Our clients increase customer success by improving customer retention and recommendations, by improving the performance of support service operations, and by account management and customer success management.


BDO Customer Management has extensive experience working with large, medium, and small international and local companies. We provide a variety of consulting solutions:

  • Customer success management  
  • VOC programs and customer satisfaction surveys
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Data-driven content marketing
  • Professional communities management on social media
  • Enhancing service within customer support and account management teams
  • New product marketing planning
  • Market and customer research