Transfer Pricing

Transfer Pricing

Transfer Pricing ("TP") is a relatively new and complicated area within the field of international taxation. Due to its focus on inter-company transactions which are growing rapidly and are becoming much more complex, TP affects nearly all aspects of multinational company operations. It can affect: manufacturing, marketing, distribution, research & development activities to list but a few.
We have acquired extensive knowledge in the International TP field and can assist you with your TP issues in the aforementioned ways. As time passes, regulations tighten and penalties increase, now is the time to get your TP in order to face one of the most pressing international tax issues of recent times.

The Transfer Pricing Team is comprised of accountants, lawyers, and economists experienced both in Israel and abroad.  The team offers transfer pricing services catered to both the local and international taxing strategy of the client.  The Department is headed by Amit Shalit CPA, and specializes in the international tax that, combined with transfer pricing, adds value to the client.


  • TP Policy: Assisting you in determining the appropriate TP policy which your organization can adopt.

  • Documentation: Assisting you on maintaining the documentation requirements of the Israeli Tax Authority ("ITA") and any other relevant authority for TP matters e.g. preparation of a transfer pricing study etc.

  • ITA Audits:   We can assist you with any Tax Audits performed by the ITA on your organization. This can include assistance on formulating an audit defense and / or dispute resolution, performing advance checks of an ITA audit in order to highlight exposures or risks and to provide you with a clean bill of health and "peace of mind" in advance of signing the relevant tax return.

  • APA Services: We can assist you in obtaining an Advanced Pricing Agreement ("APA") when required i.e. a tax ruling whereby one or more tax authorities contractually agree not to challenge your transfer pricing policies for a number of years.

  • Global BDO TP Team: We are part of the global BDO TP network and have access to our colleagues for assistance in connection with TP issues in other countries, if necessary.

  • Other relevant issues: Any other issues that may be relevant.