Operational Technology (OT)


Why is Cybersecurity Necessary in an Operational Environment?  

In recent years we are witnessing cybersecurity attacks on industrial organizations and operational networks resulting in production shutdowns, supply delays, non-compliance with contracts, and extensive reputational and economic damage to companies.

OT systems manage physical processes (equipment, instrumentation, and production systems), and a cyber event in this environment may have serious consequences - harming process stability, manufacturing quality, efficiency, and employee safety, as well as causing environmental damage. In practice, cyber risks can also weaken an organization’s sense of security.

In most organizations, Cyber Managers invest more in protecting their administrative networks than their operational networks. There is usually lack of knowledge, resources, and especially not enough focus on “what should be done?”.

The Solution – A Cybersecurity System Tailored to the Manufacturing Environment

A division operating within BDO’s Cybersecurity Center offers consulting and cyber assurance services to industrial, manufacturing, and infrastructure companies - in Israel and globally.   

The division is comprised of a team of world-renowned experts with extensive experience in the OT, IT, and cyber assurance fields, and offers consulting services and a comprehensive suite of responses for cyber assurance in an OT environment, including penetration testing, crisis management, and examination of relevant technologies.


The OT Division Offers its Clients a Comprehensive Solution to Cyber Security Challenges in the OT Environment:  

  • Map work processes and assets related to the OT environment, its operation, and maintenance.
  • Risk assessment and gap analysis, standards compatibility, and regulatory compliance.
  • Strategic consulting and guidance regarding OT-CISO-as-a-Service, work plans, strategic plans, reducing legal risks, the supply chain, human resources and a risk-based presentation to the board of directors.
  • Managed services such as SOC monitoring to monitor computer and industrial control systems, etc.    


BDO’s Cybersecurity Center has extensive experience with customers from various sectors such as manufacturing, water, energy, chemistry, and pharmaceuticals. We guide organizations to ensure they will not have to contend with manufacturing system shutdowns and must recruit all engineers, employees, and service providers to achieve these goals. Our experts have the knowledge to communicate with professionals in the world of manufacturing in a language they will understand and significantly reduce risks.

In recent years, we have prevented innumerable cyber-attacks for our clients, and we welcome the opportunity to optimize, improve, and reduce cyber risks in the operational technology system. Our team of experts will be happy to hear about your organization’s data assurance needs.