Blockchain can no longer be considered a buzzword or a bubble. Today it is clear that everyone understands that in one way or another this technology will affect a broad array of industries already in the coming years, and first and foremost the financial industry. The possibilities of this sector, such as immediate and definite authentication of transactions, and new investment and issuance models, are transforming the standards of consulting firms, and certainly also the world of accounting. In light of all this, and particularly now, we at BDO consider it of utmost importance to offer professional, dedicated and tailor-made solutions to blockchain companies and ventures, in order to assist them, and the Israeli blockchain industry in its entirety.


Dedicated Team of Experts for Blockchain Companies

In order to encourage the development of the blockchain industry in Israel, we are working on developing and incorporating blockchain technologies into various services, assisting entrepreneurs and startup companies in product planning and design, and working to serve as a connector between the entrepreneurs, and the corporations and regulators. This is achieved through our dedicated blockchain team – ten expert partners from the financial and technological sectors, who together integrate their rich knowledge and experience into one focused, professional unit. This combination of expertise allows us to offer entrepreneurs in the industry a holistic service, based on our in-depth understanding of the technology, market needs and regulatory climate.


Variety of Services: Technology to Finance

BDO’s team of experts offers dedicated support and services to blockchain companies and ventures in various stages, and from various perspectives – from the technological perspective of product development, through the business perspective in accompanying transactions and partnerships, to the financial perspective, including tax planning and regulatory assistance. These services include:


Technology Services:

  • Product and technological road map
  • Auditing of smart contracts
  • Evaluating identities and security gaps in smart contracts
  • Penetration testing 

Investment Banking and Business Development Services:

  • Support and accompaniment of transactions through the international network
  • Strategic partnerships, investors and angels
  • Including access to international corporations seeking out Israeli technologies

Financial and Regulatory Services:

  • Accompaniment and support vis-à-vis the regulator
  • Regulatory classification in accordance with the business model
  • Consulting on risk management and regulatory compliance
  • Conducting financial and regulatory audits, including KTC and AML
  • Direct and indirect tax planning
  • Bookkeeping for cryptocurrencies
  • Trustee services and digital asset management

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Ophir Zilbiger

Ophir Zilbiger

BDO Global Cybersecurity Leader, BDO Israel Head of Cybersecurity Center
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