Fintech and Blockchain

Fintech and Blockchain

Even industries that have been able to stay conservative for many years can no longer afford to reject technological development. Today everyone understands that the fintech industry and blockchain technologies are set to leave a significant mark already in the next few years on a broad array of industries, and first and foremost the financial industry. New possibilities for authenticating and executing transactions; New models for managing and executing investments; New groundbreaking products; And setting high standards for user experience, service and accessibility – the next generation is already here, and we are prepared to accompany corporations and entrepreneurs alike on their paths to success in this new world.


Dedicated Fintech and Blockchain Technologies Team

While changes are developing rapidly, they are affecting the industry in many ways – from traditional institutions and organizations that need to adapt to the changing rules of the game, offer digital services and adopt new technologies; to entrepreneurs and startup companies that require dedicated support and guidance on product development, business models and collaborations in the complex world of finance; and even the consulting and accountancy firms themselves, which must keep with the dizzying pace of developments.

For all these, and particularly now, we at BDO have set the goal of offering professional, comprehensive and dedicated support to companies and ventures in the fields of fintech, blockchain and insurtech, by creating a dedicated team of experts specialized in both the technological and financial aspects of these areas.


Holistic Solution: Technology to Finance

Our fintech and blockchain sector is comprised of a team of expert partners from the fields of finance and technology, who are specialized in the various aspects which are unique to these fields. Their experience and skills allow us to offer holistic service – to both corporations and entrepreneurs in the industry – based on an in-depth understanding of the technology, as well as the market needs and regulatory climate. The unique combination offered by our team, as well as the unique advantages and resources available to the international BDO network, allow us to offer companies and entrepreneurs a wide array of services in the fields of technology, investment banking, business development, bookkeeping, regulation, collaborations, mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, and more; all tailored to the specific needs of each company / venture.


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