Innovative Cyber Solutions

Innovative Cyber Solutions

BDO specializes in preparing and adopting creative, outside-the-box, advanced solutions to cyber security problems. This is precisely why we established the Innovation Division - a professional division that believes in promoting innovation in cyberspace and information security, and serves as a key factor in developing effective cyber solutions that reduce your organization's risk of a cyber-attack.

The mission of the Innovation Division is to maintain and strengthen technological leadership, provide advanced solutions for information security, and advance cyber protection for every organization.


Innovative Solutions to Changing Threats

In order to best serve our customers, the Innovation Division team constantly strives to adapt our solutions to the changing challenges of the cyber world and to be at the forefront of global innovation. As part of this mission, the Innovation Division is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions to three new, global fronts in the cyber arena:

1. Managing the Supply Chain's Cyber Risks - A unique, end-to-end solution to manage cyber risks arising from the supply chain. The service is performed by our cyber experts and uses a unique technology-based automation platform for the entire process.

2. Naval Cyber ​​Services - A team of experts in the field of Maritime Cyber Security provide an innovative, efficient, and dedicated service to protect seaports, shipping companies, vessels, and other maritime organizations from cyber-attacks.

3. Corporate Resiliency - A variety of services that help organizations build a comprehensive system for crisis management and business continuity, enabling them to maintain their organizational resilience and take action before a threat occurs.