Managing the Supply Chain's Cyber Risks

A large number of modern organizations are becoming "leaner" and increasingly dependent on their supply chain; the external services, processes, or components that aid your company's production. The supply chain is critical to the achievement of your organization's objectives, and unfortunately, the preferred attack centers for attackers. A dependence on external factors for supply chain management causes your organization to be vulnerable to a wide range of cyber-threats that may harm your organization and its activity.

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Supply Chain and Cyber Threats

Targeting the supply chain has become a preferred method for attackers, who aim to find the easiest way to enter your organization. An attacker would prefer to direct their resources to a supply chain, which usually does not have a broad professional defense system, than to the organization itself.

Thus, the more suppliers your organization has, the higher your risk of a cyber-attack coming from your supply chain.

Utilizing the weakness in the supply chain can lead to various risky scenarios, including: damage to the availability of your organization's services; the exposure of sensitive or private information, which may cause your organization to face compliance and regulatory issues; damage to your organization's reputation, and more.


Dedicated Risk Management as a Necessary Condition for Organizational Resilience

The early identification of the threats that may arise from one supply chain or another, assessing the concrete risks of the organization in working with suppliers, assessing the existing controls for these risks and managing them become a necessary condition for achieving the organization's goals and resistance to cyber events.

In order to ensure you can achieve your organization's goals and be resilient in the case of a cyber-attack, your organization needs to identify the threats that may arise from your supply chain, assess the concrete risks to your organization through working with each supplier, and assess the existing controls for these risks as well as create a plan to manage them.

BDO's Cyber Defense Center has developed an innovative and unique service for handling supply chain risks of various types in every field. The service provides a complete solution for your organization; our cyber experts evaluate your supply chain and solve for all of your vulnerabilities, dealing with regulatory issues and internal organizational issues for you.


Services for the Supply Chain

BDO Cyber ​​Security Center's team of expert cyber consultants provide dedicated cyber protection services for supply chain risks. Additionally, our services are provided through a technological platform (IDRRA) that ensures the management of end-to-end supply chain cybercrime.

The service includes:

  • Implementation of an organizational plan for managing the entire life-cycle of the supplier risk process, in a centralized and integrative manner.
  • Using best-practice risk surveys that are individualized to the customer and in accordance with accepted market standards.
  • Management of supplier types, unique questionnaires, and campaigns for each supplier pool.
  • Managing the dialogue with suppliers in a concentrated and documented manner.
  • Distribution of risk surveys in an unlimited quantity, without the need to manage the process through internal and / or external resources.
  • Ongoing support and assistance for the supplier in the process of answering the survey, while minimizing manual interaction.
  • Measurement, detection, and management of security gaps and regulation of suppliers.
  • Assisting suppliers in decision-making and treating any security gaps that are discovered.
  • External scans of the "attack surface" of the suppliers to detect all security gaps.
  • Conducting research and cyber intelligence work on the supplier.
  • Execution of simulation attacks on the supplier to examine the effectiveness of the existing controls, and more. 











Noam Hendruker

Noam Hendruker

Head of Global cybersecurity Consulting Group, BDO Cybersecurity Center, Israel
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