Technology is significantly changing consumer culture and the user experience in the world of finance as well, which for many years has been burdened by conservatism and bureaucratic fatigue. While standards are being re-defined, today’s customers expect convenient, accessible and rapid processes and services, including when seeking out banking, insurance, commerce and investment services. Traditional institutions therefore need to expand and upgrade their array of offered services, alongside or vis-à-vis new players – fintech ventures or companies – which are developing innovative technologies, such as automated investment management platforms, trading and payment systems, loan and mortgage apps, data analysis algorithms, and more.  

With over 500 fintech companies, the sector in Israel is receiving global attention and attracting investors from all over the world, while serving hundreds of financial institutions.


Fintech: Entrepreneurs to Corporations

When providing assistance to fintech companies and ventures, we at BDO bring decades of experience in working with and vis-à-vis the major insurance companies, funds and banks in Israel. Our knowledge, connections and experience are at your disposal on your path towards reaching a better understanding of the financial market, competing against or collaborating with large corporations, and finding your way through the regulatory maze.

We at BDO also take a proactive approach to promoting the Israeli fintech sector through BDO Innovation and the investment arm FinTLV, which accompany fintech startups and ventures requiring support and guidance, while assisting with raising capital, implementation in corporations, and business development.


Services for Fintech Companies

BDO experts offer both fintech entrepreneurs and companies a comprehensive service package that meets the broad range and bulk of their needs - from the planning and establishment stage. We accompany the entrepreneur and the company every step of the way, taking into consideration legal and accounting requirements in line with the nature of company’s specific business. We also help the company in its interactions with the Tax Authority, examine models for setting up operations in the US and Europe, and offer companies developing Fintech solutions the most advanced services and extensive experience provided by all the departments of our international firm.

The services offered by the Fintech Companies and Initiatives Department include:

  • Help raising capital using varied methods (investors, FINTLV, Chief Scientist Office)
  • Audit of financial statements and tax reports
  • Facilitating knowledge sharing about regulation in the fintech sector
  • Fintech risk management
  • Local and international business development

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