FinTLV Fund: Fintech and Insurtech Investments

FinTLV Fund: Fintech and Insurtech Investments

 FinTLV Ventures is a venture capital fund focused on fintech and insurtech technologies. The fund invests in leading startup companies which have created successful pilots with international entities in the insurance and finance worlds.


A Unique Fintech Technologies Fund

The FinTLV Fund is a leader in shaping the future of fintech and insurtech through the unique innovation program it developed in partnership with SOSA. This dedicated platform directly connects the fintech-insurtech industry with global financial organizations in the aim of identifying and tailoring next-generation technological solutions to the specific needs of these companies, smoothly, efficiently and effectively.


BDO - Partner, Connector or Potential Customer

BDO created a partnership with FinTLV Venture Capital based on the desire and wish to serve as a connector between its clients, financial corporations, and insurtech and fintech entrepreneurs – who are continuously striving to improve the tools, services and methodologies which are currently used in the financial industry.

Furthermore, as a leading financial corporation in its own right, we at BDO also evaluate new fintech technologies - whether through accompaniment in product design, creating strategic collaborations, or company mergers and acquisitions.


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